Australian National Dictionary

The Australian National Dictionary

Australian Words and their Origins

Second Edition

The history of a nation reflected in the history of its language.The history of Australian English is a record of the social and cultural forces that have shaped Australia.The vitality of Australian English is evident in the way it continues to delineate the values, concerns, attitudes, and preoccupations of the Australian people.

The Australian National Dictionary is a Dictionary of Australianisms. It includes words and meanings that have originated in Australia, or that have a greater currency or special significance here than elsewhere. While the first edition of the dictionary, published in 1998, contained about 10,000 headwords, compounds, idioms, and derivatives, this second edition contains over 16,000. New terms include Sorry Day, trackie daks, schmick, chardy, marn grook, mugachino, firie, rello, drop bear, shirtfront and not happy Jan.

The Australian National Dictionary is the only comprehensive, historically based record of the words and meanings that make up Australian English. It is a unique lexical map of Australian history and culture.

Chief Editor: Bruce Moore Managing Editor:Amanda Laugesen Editors: Mark Gwynn, Julia Robinson
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